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         Types of Men's Shirts

     Shirts began to be used in Ancient Egypt, they were used in the Middle Ages as an object indicating the status of noble men. Nowadays, the shirts that we often see on men have started to be worn a lot by women. Previously, the shirt options that men usually used on their way to work were limited. But nowadays, along with the fact that shirts are preferred by both women and men, shirts of different models and options are produced and offered to the liking of customers. There are many models available such as slim fit shirts, sport shirts, judge collar shirts. What to look for when choosing a shirt, let's look at it together.


         What Should Be Considered When Buying a Long-Sleeved Men's Shirt?

     The most important detail that shows the shirt is the collar part. You should make sure that the collar of the shirt matches your face type. If you have a long and narrow face, then you should give preference to shirts with a wider neckline. If you have round facial features, then shirts with a pointed and long neckline are just for you.

     If you want to wear the shirt you will choose in any environment, you can choose classic collared shirts. You can easily combine these shirts both with a suit and with everyday clothes.

     If you are looking for a shirt model that can be combined with a tie in formal and stylish settings, on special occasions, shirts with a slightly pointed and spread English cut collar are for you.

     If you are looking for a shirt model that can be used comfortably in everyday wear, the button-down collar cotton men's shirt models are for you. Also, Voltaj is reach for patterned shirts , printed shirts shuch as, flower print shirts or leef print shirts.

     You should pay attention to your clothes during job interviews. In shirts with a collar called a Brit collar, you can easily connect the two collars with a button located in the middle and sign a stylish image by supporting the tie.

     The most important thing to consider when buying a shirt is that the fabric of the shirt has a long service life and good quality.

     Shirts, which used to be mostly made of white, blue and black fabrics, are produced in different varieties as demand increases. Of all the many such options, you should choose the most suitable one among the models of men's colored shirts.

     To save weight, you can choose models of shirts with thin stripes.

     To understand a quality shirt, you can look at the plain white details on the cuffs and collars, the embroidery on the chest.

     Shirts, which are also preferred in street wear, have started to be produced in simpler and different geometric models. Apart from solid colors, men's shirts are produced in remarkable styles such as floral men's shirts, leopard print men's shirts and leaf print men's models of shirts. For example, you can perfectly combine a blue palm shirt model with stylish jeans. If you are looking for a shirt that has both a stylish and simple style, you can check out the self-patterned white shirt model sold at Voltaj.

     Plaid decked men's shirt models are taking their place among the stylish shirt models.

     If you are looking for a shirt that looks heavy and stylish, gray shirt models are for you.

     Men with a flashy body look overweight in large patterned and baggy shirts. You should choose long-sleeved men's shirt models that will match your body shape and the color of your skin.

     It will prevent you from getting the image you want in shirts that fit perfectly on you, shirts that are too wide. The buttons of the shirt should be conveniently buttoned.

     The length of the shirts worn by men should not be too long. The shirt should not go too far below the waist.

     The most important point to pay attention to dec the shirt and collar you are wearing is that when you button the button on the top, two fingers should be comfortably inserted between the collar of the shirt and your neck.

     When combining shirts, if the suit you are going to wear is striped, the shirt you will prefer should be a solid color. If your suit is plain, the shirt you will choose may consist of plaid or pinstripe patterns.

         What Are the Most Fashionable Men's Shirt Models You Can Buy at Voltaj?

     Choose models of men's shirts with an affordable price and good quality com.tr you can buy it from . If we examine the models of shirts that should definitely be included in your wardrobe,

     White Slim Fit Men's Shirt Made of Cotton with a Blue-Orange Pattern; If you are looking for a simple and eye-catching shirt model, you can choose this shirt model that has blue and orange patterns on white fabric.

     Cotton Blue Slim Fit Men's Shirt with Shawl Pattern; One of the most remarkable options among the shawl decked shirt models, you can easily use this shirt in your sports stylish combinations.

     Cotton Brown Slim Fit Men's Shirt with Sea Horse Pattern; With this shirt model that integrates the unique beauty of brown, you will attract all the attention in every environment you enter with the combination you make.

     Cotton Navy Blue Sslim Fit Men's Shirt with Floral Print; you won't want to take this shirt off, which is one of the most notable among the navy blue deckered shirt models.

     Patterned Cotton Red Slim Fit Men's Shirt; patterned men's shirt you can choose as a long sleeve, with a remarkable color and pattern, you will attract all the attention with this shirt option.

     Cotton White Slim Fit Men's Shirt with Leaf Pattern; With a men's summer shirt pattern model, you will have a shirt that you can wear in summer and spring seasons.

     Cotton Blue Slim Fit Men's Shirt with Square Decked V Embroidery; you can buy the most beautiful shirt between this shirt model and square decked men's shirt options from Voltaj.

     Red Blue Patterned Cotton Slim Fit Men's Shirt; It is one of the most stylish and flashy men's shirts that men who like to dress conspicuously can choose. You can buy it at affordable prices from Voltaj.

     Among the patterned viscose shirt men's models, the most notable shirts are decored patterned shirt men's, camouflage patterned shirt and ethnic patterned shirt men's models.

     Enjoy the opportunity to wear a shirt in the summer heat with a patterned short-sleeved shirt men's model, which can be preferred in the summer season. You will love this shirt, which captures a beautiful combination with Bermuda trousers.

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