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Round Neck Patterned Piece Dye Men's Knitwear Sweater

Product Code : 70460
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Enine ve boyuna çizgi desenli ürün.

Pamuklu parça boya erkek triko kazak.

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  • Ürün Adı: Bisiklet Yaka Desenli Parça Boya Erkek Triko Kazak
    Ürün Kodu: 70460
    Ürün Karışımı:  %100 Pamuk
    Ürün Rengi: Siyah, Lacivert, Bordo, İndigo, K.Yeşil
    Ürün Detay: Bisiklet Yaka Desenli Parça Boya Erkek Triko Kazak
    Görseldeki Ürün Bedeni: M
    Kalıp: Slim Fit
  • Hand wash.

    Bleach / bleach is not used.

    The dryer is not used.

    Wash it upside down.
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Voltaj has been serving in menswear since 1992. By adopting the principle of quality service, we are moving forward with a customer-oriented working system that pays attention to social values, produces sensitive to environmental awareness.We have been exporting to various parts of the world since 2005.

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